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Accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park

Accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park

Let’s dive into the available accommodation options in Lake Mburo National Park.

This national park offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s preferences and budgets.

Whether you are in need of a luxury, midrange, or budget-friendly lodge, Lake Mburo has exactly all the above options to offer.

Luxury Accommodation

  • Kigambira Safari Lodge

This is a stunning luxurious lodge nestled in the heart of Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda.

Kigambira Safari Lodge, a luxury accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park
Kigambira Safari Lodge, a luxury accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park

It is surrounded by lush greenery and a thrilling landscape offering a truly luxury experience in the wild African bush.

The lodge is strategically located along the shores of Lake Mburo hence providing guests with breathtaking views of the water and its inhabitants.

The tranquil atmosphere combined with the sounds of chirping birds and gentle waves creates a sense of serenity that is unmatched.

The cottages at Kigambira Safari Lodge are fully equipped with modern amenities such as comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, and private verandas.

The decor is a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles which add to the charm and authenticity of the lodge.

Kigambira Safari Lodge provides the perfect blend of luxury and wilderness therefore allowing guests to reconnect with nature while enjoying modern comforts.

  • Mihingo Lodge

This exclusive lodge offers breathtaking views of Lake Mburo and its surrounding landscapes.

Mihingo Lodge, a luxury accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park.
Mihingo Lodge, a luxury accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park

The luxury tented rooms provide a rustic yet elegant ambiance, with private verandas thst overlook the park with a swimming pool, a bar, and a restaurant serving delicious international and local cuisine.

  • Rwakobo Rock 

Situated just outside the park boundaries, Rwakobo Rock combines luxury with eco-friendliness providing cozy cottages thst offer a comfortable retreat, and the open-air dining area open to panoramic views of the savannah.

Guests can relax by the swimming pool or embark on game drives and horseback safaris. Rwakobo Rock’s commitment to sustainability and community development adds an extra layer of fulfilment to your stay.

  • Mantana Tented Camp

Mantana Tented Camp offers luxury tent accommodation surrounded by tranquil wilderness.

It provides spacious tents that come with en-suite bathrooms and private verandas, allowing guests to connect with nature in style.

Indulge in the camp’s unbeatable cuisine and unwind with a drink at the bar after a day of exploration.

Midrange Accommodation

  • Arcadia Cottages

Its spacious rooms offer en-suite bathrooms and private verandas.

On top of that, guests can enjoy the on-site bar and restaurant, relax by the swimming pool.

  • Lake Mburo Safari Lodge

Lake Mburo Safari Lodge stands on a hillside with beautifully grass thatched roofs and modern amenities such as a swimming pool, bar, and restaurant, all with picturesque views of the park.

Budget Accommodation

  • UWA Bandas

UWA Bandas are operated by Uganda Wildlife Authority with budget-friendly accommodations within Lake Mburo National Park.

They are basic but cozy bandas providing comfortable beds and shared bathroom facilities.

Visitors can utilize the shared kitchen or enjoy meals at nearby restaurants.

But with its strategic location in the park, it offers abundant wildlife just outside your doorstep in an affordable.

  • Rwonyo Rest Camp

For luxury camping experiences in Lake Mburo, Rwonyo Rest Camp offers comfortable tents with en-suite bathrooms. The camp provides a unique blend of camping adventure and luxurious amenities. Located near Lake Mburo, guests can enjoy guided nature walks, boat cruises, and fishing trips easily. The campsite also has a restaurant serving delicious cuisines, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the park while experiencing the comfort of a well positioned camp.

  • Leopard Rest Camp

Leopard Rest Camp offers affordable midrange accommodation options that include self-contained cottages and tents.

The camp is located near the park’s entrance which means easy access to game drives, guided walks, and boat cruise locations.

It also has a restaurant and a bar on-site for its guests to unwind and enjoy the surrounding nature after a day of memorable adventure.

  • Eagles Nest

Eagles Nest offers comfortable and eco-friendly cottages with stunning views of Lake Mburo.

It also has solar-powered lighting and hot water, guests can enjoy the modern comforts while being conscious of environmental sustainability.


We recommend you make reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons.

This will help to secure your preferred accommodation option and help the selected lodge properly plan for your stay.


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