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1 Day Sipi Falls Adventure

Sipi Falls
  1. Experience the beauty and wonder of Sipi Falls as you go on a 1 day adventure. Enjoy a guided hike up the mountain, a traditional lunch, and a breathtaking view of the falls before you head home. Are you ready for an adventure? Then join us for a 1 day trip to the majestic Sipi Falls in Uganda.

Where is this Sipi Falls?

Sipi Falls
The magnificent Sipi Falls, Kapchora, Eastern Uganda
  • Located in Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda at the edge of Mount Elgon
  • A popular tourist destination for hiking, cave adventure and coffee experience.
  • Consists of three waterfalls

Planning the Adventure

How to Get there

  • Fly into Entebbe International Airport for foreigners
  • Take a bus or book with a tour company from Kampala to Kapchorwa
  • Hire a taxi to take you to the falls from Mbale in case you used a bus or public commuter taxi to Mbale.

What to Pack

  • Hiking boots
  • Binoculars if possible
  • Lightweight clothes
  • Raincoat
  • Emergency medicine
  • Drinking water

Activities to do

Waterfall Hike

  • Follow the trails to the top of the falls
  • Take in the panoramic views
  • Refill your water bottle from the natural spring

Rock Climbing/Abseiling

  • Challenge yourself on the granite walls
  • Expert guides can show you the ropes
  • Multiple routes for climbers of all levels

Coffee Experience

  • Harvest, roast and taste the Arabica coffee
  • Get a chance to leave a mark by planting your own coffee seeds
  • Tour the coffee plantations and learn the history about it

Cave Adventure

  • Visit some the oldest caves in the area and collect gravel
  • Learn about the history of the caves and how they supported early rebellions as a hide out

Sunset Walks

  • Experience romantic sundowners over beautiful landscapes and sceneries
  • Take breathtaking photography as the sun sets

Bird Watching

  • Over 200 species of birds in the area
  • Listen for the distinctive calls
  • Bring binoculars to get a closer look


  • Enjoy a day out in nature
  • Capture the stunning views of Sipi Falls
  • Relax and unwind in the peaceful atmosphere

Trip Includes

  • Entry fees
  • Guide fees
  • Activity fees
  • Comfortable safari van
  • English speaking driver
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments (water and soda)

Trip Excludes

  • Visas
  • Air flights
  • Luxury and alcoholic drinks
  • Personal needs like tips, medication, and souvenirs etc
  • Accommodation





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